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4 Ways Technology is Changing Ecommerce

by Hubspot System

Published at 2021-02-01 14:01

The world of eCommerce is greatly influenced by the number of tech-savvy customers nowadays. People no longer just window shop online, wondering if they should make an online order.

Buyers are using technology to keep an eye on products and alter ways in which they can interact with a brand. These trends are affecting the big picture: technology is bringing new opportunities for both buyers and businesses. Today, customers actively find product alternatives, compare features and prices, seek discount offers, and locate businesses via the web. Similarly a business can also utilize technology to create strong and long-lasting connections with customers and increase brand awareness.

Here are ways in which technology is changing eCommerce.

1. Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are handy tools used by vendors and suppliers to get in touch with potential customers and go beyond physical boundaries to generate leads. Brands no longer have to wait for marketing campaigns to generate sales. Today, customer interactions take place in real-time, and as soon as the customer searches for a product or service online, they are introduced to a world of brands serving those needs.

2. Multichannel Communications

Email notifications, ad pop-ups, and online chats from brands is a clear indication that companies are working to make the purchase process smooth. Once you make an online purchase, brands proactively promote complimentary products with discount offers to win back new business.

3. Personalised Customer Experience

Sophisticated Technology allows companies to offer a more personalised experience for customers. These marketing techniques are used for building a loyal customer base. The use of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram to connect with customers and learn about their preferences is becoming more and more important.

All in All

Long gone are the days when customers had to go check different brands to decide which one is better. Technology allows them to compare two similar products online and make intelligent decisions. What’s more, technology serves as an opportunity for entrepreneurs to compete with big brands and win sales with better customer experience.





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